“Amazing bluebird day off the back of Sportgastein; after hitting a hidden rock just below the surface, my ski and I parted company quite dramatically. The RESQSKI worked just as promised and I found the ski almost immediately, so well done for a great product.
All we need now is a gadget to help me climb the 5 or so meters back up the hill waist deep in powder……”

John Martin  Resort rep in Gastein Valley, Austria

“They arrived two days ago and are installed on the skis.  Fantastic!!!!  Thanks for incredible service.”

Victoria McCaffrey Torquay, Victoria, Australia

“Ich habe ihn in Alaska gebraucht. Habe einen Stein erwischt der einen Sturz und die Auslösung eines Skis bewirkt hat. Danach lag ich etwa 15 Meter unterhalb dieser Stelle. Ich fand den Ski innerhalb von 3 Minuten nach diesem Sturz ohne Probleme. Der Schnee war sehr tief etwa einen Meter und der Hang steil. Ohne Skifinder bin ich mir nicht sicher, dass wir den Ski überhaupt noch gefunden hätten. Sicher ist, dass wir einiges länger an dieser unangenehmen Stelle verweilen hätten müssen.”

“I was using it in Alaska – I hit a rock and took a fall losing a ski in the process.   I ended up 15 meters below this point.   I found the ski in about 3 minutes without any problem.  The snow was about 1 meter deep and the slope was steep.  I doubt that I would have ever found the ski without the [RESQSKI] Ski Finder.  It certainly would have taken much longer and been very unpleasant”

Urs Egli  Head of Product Management – Kjus; skiing in Alaska

“I walked out of my ski on a very deep day in Hakuba this year, on a steep slope with trees. There was so much snow and sluff I immediately pulled out the ski finder without bothering to dig around or probe first.  I had not really practiced with the device, and do not have experience with analog beacons, but found the interface easy to use and understand.  I was able to find my ski within a couple minutes. It was actually buried about 1.5m directly below me. I think the analog signal with light and sound indicators was particularly helpful in this case. Because I was working very much in a three dimensional space, warmer/colder indications were more helpful than a directional and distance read out.

I highly recommend the RESQSKI Ski Finder to any serious powder skiers.  Thanks for designing a great and innovative product.”

Lee Lyon American freeride skier in Japan

“I needed Resqski for the first time this week. After several days of constant snow, we were first up the lift in bright sunshine to ski untracked powder. It was ‘Heliski’ perfect – at least until I fell 10 seconds into my first run, losing one ski somewhere in the deep snow. I don’t know how long it would have taken to find my ski manually (it was buried deep about 8 feet away), but with the Resqski I found it straightaway. By the time we rode the lift up 15 minutes later, that run was halfway to being tracked out – 30 minutes later it was completely gone. On a powder morning, every second counts! So I just wanted to let you know it worked and made a big difference to an (almost) perfect morning.”

Dr Martin Breach Skiing off-piste in Chamonix

“I am really happy with RESQSKI and think that for back country and remote trips it is essential for safety. I might even go as far that I will demand my clients to either buy or hire for trips”

Krister Jonsson Auktoriserad Svensk Bergsguide / UIAGM/ guide de haute Montagne

“Simple, well-designed.  Does what it says on the box!”

Alan McCabe Off-piste skier – Valmorel

“It’s not a gimmick, they really work and are discreet enough you don’t notice you have them on. The RESQSKI does work, I’ve not lost a ski yet this season but having tested them I can tell you they work”

Roy Henderson
BASI Mountain Safety Advisor
International Mountain Leader(IML)
BCU L5 Coach

“They did it! Ever since I had to search my own ski in waist deep powder while my friends enjoyed another run in untracked deep powder I always wanted to have something on my skis to allow searching them when lost.”

Patrick Fux Swiss powder expert and editor Powdermania.com

“I have skied for over 25 years and worked in the alps as a holiday rep and ski guide for 8 seasons. I have seen many people lose skis in deep powder. I personally helped a group of 6 people hunt for 2 hours when someone lost a ski far off piste which would have taken him 4 hours to walk out in deep snow.  I have tried ribbons and even long bits of string attached to ribbons but could never get them to stay wrapped inside the ski pants and they end up trailing behind you as you ski.  I tried the RESQSKI by burying it 2 foot down in deep snow on the first day of my holiday and it worked like a charm. Knowing I can find my ski after a fall has meant I am happier to go far off piste to find good untracked snow and also ski much steeper more difficult runs with confidence which made for a great holiday in Les Arcs in January. Due to great snow we were off piste most of the week and was confident knowing my RESQSKI was turned on.

This is without doubt one of the best inventions for powder skiers around and certainly worth the money. Certainly, I would now hestitate to ski off piste with people who did not have them fitted as I do not want to waste rare good powder days hunting for skis anymore.”

Charles de lastic

“Excellent product!  Used the whole season  – God send!  Hours saved and real sense of freedom.”

Rory Holburn