Batteries and other technical


We use 3M – VHB stickers (the same as Go Pro) which have a freezing point of -40 centigrade.  When applying the stickers ensure that the ski surface is clean and dry; press firmly on the sticker at room temperature and leave overnight before skiing.

Use a sharp blade to lift off the (red) protective film from the sticker.  Be careful not to remove the sticker itself from the base tag.


RESQSKI has been designed specifically for a  long battery life.
The handheld takes one CR2032 battery. The tags take two LR54 batteries each.
These batteries are readily available and inexpensive.  Please ensure you buy reputable branded batteries.

We strongly recommend that you take out the Homing tag batteries at the end of the season and replace them at the start of the next season.  This is because any leakage from old batteries will destroy the Homing tag internal parts.

To replace the Homing tag batteries:

1. Place the tag on a flat surface and take out the screws.   Carefully lift the lid without disturbing the lower part of the tag.

2.  Remove the batteries and check the black rubber seal and the battery terminal is in good order and in place.

3.  Place new batteries with the positive + face down on the right hand side; negative – to the left.

4.  Carefully replace the lid in the same position and tighten the screws (do not over-tighten).

5.  Inspect the underside of the tag to check the screws are properly attached to the nuts.  Test in the base tag that the light comes on when turned to ‘on’.

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RESQSKI Radio Frequency and Avalanche Transceivers

RESQSKI should not interfere with the operation of avalanche transceivers.
Avalanche transceivers operate at 457 KHZ.  RESQSKI operates at frequency 2.45 GHZ.

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