Tag Registration

Tag Registration


Each tag is ‘registered’ to a specific numbered button on the handheld so that your skis can be searched individually by the handheld device.  Another set of ski tags (purchased separately) can be registered to buttons 3 & 4 on your RESQSKI Handheld.


  1. 1.      To Register a RESQSKI Homing Tag


I.      Turn Tag switch to the ‘ON’ position.

II.      Red light on Tag should flash twice.

III.      Place Tag you wish to register next to your RESQSKI Handheld making sure all other Tags have been moved more than an arms length away.

IV.      Make sure the Handheld is switched on (red status light will flash when on).

V.      Select one of the buttons on the front of the Handheld to assign the Tag to.  Hold the button down for 3 seconds.  The Handheld will beep.

VI.      Release button – Handheld will beep to confirm start of registration and status light will flash rapidly.  Tag will complete registration process.

VII.      Once registered Handheld and Tag will flash and beep once.


Repeat process for other tag and spare button.



  1. 2.      To Unregister a RESQSKI Homing Tag


I.      Place the Tag to be unregistered next to the RESQSKI Handheld.

II.      Hold down the volume button and at the same time press the button that the Tag is registered to for 3 seconds.

III.      Handheld will beep once – let go of the buttons.

IV.      Handheld will now beep twice, the status light will flash rapidly and start to unregister the Tag.

V.      To confirm successful unregistration Handheld will beep twice again.



  1. 3.      To Delete a lost RESQSKI Homing Tag


If the Tag has been damaged or lost the Tag can be deleted enabling another Tag to be registered to that button.


I.      Hold down the volume button and at the same time press the button that the Tag is registered to for 7 seconds or until the RESQSKI Handheld beeps twice – then let go of the buttons.  (You may get a beep after 2 or 3 seconds – keep holding down until you get a double beep then you can let go)

II.      The Handheld will beep 3 times and start to unregister the Tag.

III.      To confirm successful deletion, Tag and Handheld will beep and LED will flash.


IMPORTANT:  It is important that you do not lose or break the Handheld otherwise the Tags registered to it cannot be unregistered and re-assigned to another Handheld.