For the legions of skiers around the world who never venture off the piste
– Resqski is a complete irrelevance.  Skiing on nicely compacted snow
between the wooden piste markers means never having to lose your ski.
(It also means missing out on the thrill, scariness, snow-in-your-face wonder of the forbidden
world of powder and everything to do with off-piste skiing.)


Christmas Day a couple of years back Chris Chadwick was skiing with son George
high above the village of Veysonnaz in the Swiss region of Valais
when  a careless turn in the powder saw him catapulted
10 metres below his skis.    He quickly found one but it took 40 minutes of digging,
backache and the odd Anglo-Saxon expletive before the offending ski was brought to the surface.

Two days later Chris and George made the 2-hour trip to Zermatt up the Rhone valley
to ski with nephew Charlie, a ski instructor in Zermatt and powder aficionado who let slip
that he had lost no fewer than 3 sets in previous 5 years.  An idea was born …



Christopher Chadwick
CEO & Creator


Colin Brotherston
Technical and Production Director


Charlie Chadwick
European Sales & Marketing Director