Stop wasting everyone’s ski time with ski ribbons!


Up until now the only way to recover skis lost in a fresh batch of powder has been using ski ribbons, tracers or leashes. Back before snow breaks were attached to most bindings ski leashes were used to keep your skis from barrelling away from you into the snow. Though they’re are not used so much anymore, as the snow breaks activate in a fall then you end up with two skis whipping around with you doing all kinds of damage. Instead the more popular choice now is ski ribbon or tracers.

Ski ribbon and tracers can be purchased for around £5 from most ski stores, though many skiers prefer simply to buy and adapt their own miscellaneous ribbon. The theory behind ski ribbon, which attach to your binding, is that if you fall in deep powder and you lose your skis, the brightly coloured ribbon will remain above the snow and lead you to your skis. However the likelihood of the ribbon remaining above the snow, especially if the powder is deeper than you’re your ribbon is long, is not enough to ensure the safety of your skis. Even if the ski ribbon isn’t completely buried it is still only with fantastic eyesight or a search, similar to one you’d have to carry out without ribbon, that you will recover your skis.

Ski ribbon when attached to the bindings tends to get cut up by your edges, and fray down to half their length. Some skiers try to combat this by tucking the ribbon under the binding or up their trouser leg. Though with the former the ribbon is unlikely to fully unfurl in the fall and with both it normally ends up coming out anyway. Ski ribbon seems a like a great short term solution, though in actuality is incredibly impractical.

I know what experienced off-piste skiers will say “you’ve obviously never spent serious time searching for lost skis”, and they’re right, time spent searching for lost skis is serious. While you’re busy searching for your lost ski not only will your group become impatient, but also the possibility of a weather change or even an avalanche increases. Therefore finding your skis quickly and effectively is essential, but ski ribbon is simply not the answer anymore. With modern technological developments there is a gadget to fulfil almost all of your skiing need, and this no more true than with the revolutionary new ski locator from RESQSKI.

Rather than scrambling around the snow in search of ski ribbon, RESQSKI uses radio frequency technology to track down your lost skis. Once in the powder, the homing beacon attached to your skis will transmit a signal back to the credit-card sized hand-held receiver, which in turn will emit a series of beeps and lights similar guiding you back to your skis. This device will help you get back on your skis and carving out fresh in no time. So if you are serious about skiing, grab a ski locator and stop wasting everyone’s time with ski ribbons.

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