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Rescue ski, or RESQSKI, is a nifty new gadget released in the 2012/13 season. The gadget, about the size of a pocket calculator is going to revolutionise off-piste skiing and open up the back country to hundreds more skiers each years. One of the main reservations when looking out of your chalet window and seeing a foot of perfect fresh snow is – what if I lose my skis. This fear has put of many skiers from enjoying a great days skiing and rightly so as losing a ski can mean half an hour of hard digging and retracing your line, or at worst is can mean spending hours in unpredictable weather conditions and with the possibility of an avalanche round the next corner. Rescue Ski puts a stop to all that, allowing you to find your skis quickly and safely, getting you back on the trail before you know it.

Rescue Ski

All you need to do is fit the two homing tags anywhere onto your skis, though either in front or behind your bindings is recommend, either with a powerful adhesive or if you feel is it necessary with screws. These homing tags then send a radio signal to a hand held receiver, which using a system of sonic beeps and flashing lights will guide you back to your skis up to 30m away and 1m in the powder. Each receiver can synchronise with up to four different homing tags, for not only yours but also your partners skis. The homing tags lie in a specially designed base plate so that they may be removed at will, and even transferred between skis. That way if you don’t feel like going out you can give them to a friend who also has base plates. They also come with an easily changeable battery, though this won’t be necessary all season as they take little energy to run and can be switched off between uses.

Rescue Ski Technology

Although the Rescue Ski works using radio frequency technology similar to that used by avalanche transceivers there should be no interference between the operations of either device. Whereas avalanche transceivers operate at a standardised 457 KHZ Rescue Ski uses a 2.45GHZ frequency. This allows the Rescue Ski to retain a clear frequency so as to ensure that you find your skis,

Rescue Ski will soon be the only viable option for serious powder skiers, and will allow many skiers who perhaps couldn’t risk the loss of skis to get off-piste. Forget ribbons and leashes, and digging around in the snow for hours, Rescue Ski will get you back on the trail. Despite being new on the market the Rescue Ski is already garnering testimonials from respected skiers all over Europe, and is fast being integrated into retailers. Having brought the price down from £99 to £88 for this season, this is the most efficient and economical way to keep your skis where they belong – on your feet.

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