RESQSKI Launches New Concepts at The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show 2014

on 27/10/2014


British company, RESQSKI, the unique electronic device launched last winter season, has announced new partnerships for the 2014 Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show 2014 at Earls Court, London.

Telemark binding manufacturer, ‘The M Equipment’ company are integrating RESQSKI into their brand new ski binding, ensuring anyone who uses them will be able to locate their skis quickly and easily in the future.

Swedish ski manufacturer, Hendryx Skis, have also appointed RESQSKI as an official supplier for this winter season. The powder ski maker, based in the winter sports resort of Åre in Northern Sweden, will provide RESQSKI with their models when purchased – making them the first ski manufacturer to provide a device to locate lost skis.

Hendryx Skis CEO, Mikael Wiklund, said:

We really liked the concept of RESQSKI and it made sense to have it on our skis because we make many models for deep snow and sometimes people can lose them. We make skis that are at a very high level and we don’t want to see them go missing!

Chris Chadwick, founder of RESQSKI, will be available at The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show in London. He said:

It was always part of our international expansion plan to form these kind of partnerships with exciting freeride brands.

RESQSKI can be found on stand E65 which is shared with another British ski equipment manufacturer, Ski-Mojo.

The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show takes place at Earls Court 2, from Thursday October 30 until Sunday November 2, 2014.


RESQSKI is a unique electronic ski finder that attaches to your skis, enabling you to search quickly for them if lost in deep snow conditions. The ultra-lightweight handheld transceiver fits neatly into a ski jacket pocket and in the event of a lost ski, allows their location using a radio signal – similar to an avalanche transceiver but on a different frequency so it doesn’t affect their use in any way.

RESQSKI is ideal for anyone skiing off-piste or backcountry and wants to protect their investment and save them and their skiing buddy’s valuable time and effort when every turn counts!



 “If you are skiing in powder the brakes are …how shall I say…ineffectual!..Anyway back to the new device; could have done with one of these in La Plagne a few winters ago – one Rossignol Bandit lost forever in the deep snow!”



 “To avoid wasting precious time and energy looking for a ski buried deep into the snow following a fall, Resqski introduce the award-winning Ski Finder, which is particularly useful when skiing in the backcountry.”



 “The powder is back after a dry New Year……..A great opportunity to lose your skis. I would recommend trying the ResQski. It is adsolutely brilliant!”


cool gear

“RESQSKI Ski Locator is the ski gadget which is going to revolutionise off-piste skiing, and open up the trails to skiers who before wouldn’t have dared tread from the manicured slopes”


snow action

“How many times have you lost a ski and it has ruined your day? In Japan it pretty much goes with the territory sometimes, and sure, powder cords and all that can help but still a ski can shoot off way away from where you even think you lost it as you faceplanted. Now, thanks to a smart English skier, Chris Chadwick, the solution is here”


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“Good idea. These guys should come up with ones for golf balls, bags of weed, car keys and other stuff. It’s seems a little spendy until the day comes that you lose one of your $1000 skis and binders. Powder straps work too and they’re a lot cheaper but you’ll look like my dad in line…”


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“If I had to find a negative aspect of skiing in light and dry, knee or waist-deep powder… it would have to be the frustration of helplessly searching for a lost ski. Retracing your line and poling through snow always seems like such a waste of time. The RESQSKI has been developed with this frustration in mind – and overall, it’s a useful piece of kit.”




ski~mojo, SkiA Designs and RESQSKI to exhibit together at ISPO 2014