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 “If you are skiing in powder the brakes are …how shall I say…ineffectual!..
Anyway back to the new device; could have done with one of these
in La Plagne a few winters ago – one Rossignol Bandit lost forever in the deep snow!”


 “To avoid wasting precious time and energy looking for a ski buried deep
into the snow following a fall, Resqski introduce
the award-winning Ski Finder, which is
particularly useful when skiing in the backcountry.”


 “The powder is back after a dry New Year……..
A great opportunity to lose your skis.
I would recommend trying the ResQski. It is adsolutely brilliant!”

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“RESQSKI Ski Locator is the ski gadget which is going to revolutionise off-piste skiing,
and open up the trails to skiers who before wouldn’t have dared tread from the manicured slopes”

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“How many times have you lost a ski and it has ruined your day?
In Japan it pretty much goes with the territory sometimes, and sure,
powder cords and all that can help but still a ski can shoot off way away
from where you even think you lost it as you faceplanted.
Now, thanks to a smart English skier, Chris Chadwick, the solution is here”

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“Good idea. These guys should come up with ones for golf balls,
car keys and other stuff. It’s seems a little spendy until the day
comes that you lose one of your $1000 skis and binders.
Powder straps work too and they’re a lot cheaper but you’ll look like my dad in line…”

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“If I had to find a negative aspect of skiing in light and dry,
knee or waist-deep powder… it would have to be the frustration
of helplessly searching for a lost ski.
Retracing your line and poling through snow always seems like such a waste of time.
The RESQSKI has been developed with this frustration in mind
– and overall, it’s a useful piece of kit.”