Don’t Ruin Your Powder Ski Adventure

FREE VIDEO Shows You How to Quickly Find Your Lost Ski

We all know the frustration of losing a ski on the powder. One moment you’re having the time of your life cutting through the fresh powder. Then one small tumble and your left ski has simply disappeared without trace.

In this FREE video you’ll discover how to quickly recover you lost ski without even working up a sweat:

  • Discover what to do with your pole to quickly retrieve your ski (Hint: don’t use the pole for stabbing the snow – it just doesn’t work)
  • Find out how to use your surviving ski to shave 10 minutes of the search
  • The best search pattern for quickly scouring the fall zone
  • A new electronic gadget that finds skis in a jiff just like a radar

arrowsleft arrowsIt can’t have gone far! You haphazardly stab the snow with your stick and now you can’t even remember where you started. The minutes tick by and pretty soon you’ve lost the best part of the morning looking for your ski and your clothes are now uncomfortably wet!

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