How to locate your lost ski the LONG way

How to locate your lost ski the QUICK way

What is RESQSKI?

RESQSKI is an electronic ski finder for powder skiers that locates lost skis submerged under the snow.

Why have it?

For most skiers who stay on the piste, there is no need. For off-piste skiers losing a ski is an ever-present fear. The ski planes under the powder and disappears in seconds. It can end up 10 metres away from where you fall. It can take 10 minutes / a half hour – or never – to find. It can ruin your day and at best disrupt the enjoyment of the rest of the ski group waiting for you.


What’s good about it?

It finds buried skis from 30m and up to 1m deep. RESQSKI’s ski homing tags are waterproof and shockproof. Removable tags have a neat switch that means batteries hardly ever have to be replaced. Easy to fit straight from box.

How does RESQSKI work?

It works using RF (radio frequency) technology. A credit card–sized handheld transceiver communicates with specially developed homing tags that lead you to the lost ski using flashing lights and sonic beeps. The lights move from red to green and the beeps get ever louder and more frequent as you get closer to the ski.

What does it consist of?

A handheld transceiver and two ski tags. The ski tags comprise a base tag attached preferably between the bindings or at the front of the ski after the rocker using a powerful adhesive; a removable homing tag and a ‘dummy’ tag.


Each tag is ‘registered’ to a specific numbered button on the Handheld so that your skis can be searched individually by the Handheld. Another set of ski tags (purchased separately) can be registered to buttons 3 & 4 on the Handheld.

The tags are designed so that the Homing tag can be taken out of the Base Tag for storage. A Dummy tag is supplied to fill the Tag Base to give a clean, streamlined appearance when RESQSKI is not needed for operation.

Roy Henderson
BASI Mountain Safety Advisor

“It’s not a gimmick, they really work and are discreet enough you don’t notice you have them on.
The RESQSKI does work, I’ve not lost a ski yet this season but having tested them I can tell you they work”

Patrick Fux
Swiss powder expert and editor

“They did it! Ever since I had to search my own ski in waist deep powder while my friends enjoyed another run in untracked deep powder I always wanted to have something on my skis to allow searching them when lost.”

Charles de lastic

I tried the RESQSKI by burying it 2 foot down in deep snow on the first day of my holiday and it worked like a charm. Knowing I can find my ski after a fall has meant I am happier to go far off piste to find good untracked snow and also ski much steeper more difficult runs with confidence which made for a great holiday in Les Arcs in January. Due to great snow we were off piste most of the week and was confident knowing my RESQSKI was turned on.

This is without doubt one of the best inventions for powder skiers around and certainly worth the money. Certainly, I would now hestitate to ski off piste with people who did not have them fitted as I do not want to waste rare good powder days hunting for skis anymore.”

Rory Holburn

“Excellent product!  Used all of 2012-2013 season  – God send!  Hours saved and real sense of freedom.”

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