How to find a lost ski

The chances of losing your prize off piste skis when in the backcountry is unlikely, but the stakes are high. You can easily waste hours of yours and your friend’s holiday searching for it.

Before you start madly rushing around turning up all the snow you are going to want to (if available) use your other ski to methodically start slicing through the snow in the potential area the ski could have gone.

Two typical solutions a lot of skiers use is ski ribbons and ski leashes:

A ski ribbon is attached the ski and tucked up inside the bottom of your trousers, however it can be a bit annoying constantly tucking it back up as it always seems to fall out. The other trouble with ski ribbons are they often don’t surface on top of the snow.

A ski leash is another alternative, the ski leash is attached to both the ski and your ankle. This is effective as the ski is always going to be attached to the skier. But there has been lots of accidents and twisted ankles with method.

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